Lynda Maggar

Lynda Maggar


“My first consultation with Douglas took place approximately two years ago. We talked about my recurring bouts of anxiety and depression and he helped me enormously in overcoming this debilitating problem by laying his hands on me and talking through my fears. I now feel better in myself and go to see him only when I feel the need to do so to allay any fears I may have at that particular time.

Other problems included a dull ache in my left shoulder which was the result of a frozen shoulder I had 15 years previously. This has eased after a few visits to Douglas.

In the past I was experiencing post menopausal discomfort. I had consulted my doctor and gynaecologist and I read as much as I could on the subject hoping for help and guidance. I discussed this with Douglas when I felt more confident and he laid hands on my stomach and after a series of visits, I could feel some improvement.

“Anxiety/depression and menopausal discomfort overcome with a series of treatments. Vertigo and Tinnitus”

We have focused on my vertigo and these attacks have virtually diminished over time since Douglas has addressed the problem. I am now hoping to get some results from tinnitus which I have had for over 15 years and hope in time that the noise will diminish through Douglas’s healing.

Douglas has helped me in so many ways and we have made tremendous strides since our first meeting and I hope will continue to do so.”

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