Sarah King


“I came to have an appointment with Douglas via a friend recommending him. I had written a book and I really needed direction and guidance regarding several aspects of my book. My friend said that she had found Douglas very informative in her appointment with him, so I was very interested in seeing him.

The day the appointment arrived I met Douglas, he was very warm and relaxed as a person and I felt immediately comfortable. Douglas began by sharing a great deal of information and guidance regarding what he felt was the direction I should take my book in. Initially, he talked about me and my confidence and how I needed to look at areas like that. He really was very intuitive about me, obviously I hadn’t told him anything directly, he just knew me, it was just amazing. Then he went further, into things I should literally change within my book, about the title, the flow of the book, certain words I should use and it was absolutely inspirational. He had never seen my book and yet he knew everything that was in it, I was astounded, he knew exactly what needed to be changed.

“Author finds confidence and an award winning book proposition”

I had just been at a low point and didn’t know where to go with it and his guidance absolutely uplifted me.”

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