Dealing With Anxiety During Lockdown

Never before have we experienced this intensity of anxiety, on so many fronts and in so many ways, lockdown has shown that we are all susceptible. Ranging from the mundane of ‘how can I get my shoe repaired’ to the extremely serious ‘whether I or one of my friends, relatives might live or die’.


Our anxieties are multiplied exponentially by strict confinement and close family dynamics can be seriously challenged. Aches, pains, physically, psychologically and emotionally are so much harder to handle when we do not have the space to breath, the intense familiarity with the same surroundings and having an invisible threat. One moment seems totally normal as we look out onto beautiful skies and then turn on the TV or radio to be saturated with bleak news and interminable warnings. It is no wonder half of British adults are feeling anxious about the future, especially their jobs.

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