Judy Sharp

Judy Sharp


Over the years, Judy had several healing sessions with Douglas, either to recharge her energy or for ailments such as a frozen shoulder which he sorted out in five minutes flat. But one treatment and its consequences stands out in her mind.

She recalls: “I was under considerable stress when Douglas arrived. I am a freelancer, working for myself, and mounting bad debts were putting me under financial pressure. The owner of the house I rented – and where I also had my office – had just told me he was selling the property and I needed to move.

Finding another suitable property to rent long-term is not easy in the Algarve. I was also recovering from an attack of a particularly nasty flu-like bug which had left me at a very low ebb, physically and emotionally.

I laid on the couch and waited for the warm relaxing sensation to wash over me. Not a bit of it! I felt as though electric shocks were pulsing through me, and I felt myself twitching from head to toe. Then, as if the current had been turned off, I completely relaxed and felt as though I was sinking into the couch. And then the twitching started again, just as before; no pain, just involuntary movements. Towards the end of the session, the current was again turned off and once more I totally relaxed, unable to move. Douglas warned me that I would probably need to relax after lunch and, of course, he was right. By 5pm I was in bed, looking forward to a long, deep sleep. Wrong. I had a dreadful night of fitful sleep, bizarre images when I did drop off and I knew that I would wake up the
next morning feeling dreadful.

On the contrary, the transformation could not have been greater. When I got up, I felt energised and refreshed. I felt positive and all remnants of the flu bug had gone. My mind was clear and focused and my work flowed fast and well. I found that I had also made the mental and emotional leap necessary to leave the house behind, and I was able to concentrate on the practicalities of organising everything for not just one move but two. I have far more energy than I have had for years, and have been able to plough through work, juggling projects, clients and paperwork with clarity, efficiency and good humour – and still make time for me! Miracles continue to happen, with everything unfolding in the most amazing, totally natural way in front of me.

I have been aware of Douglas’s amazing healing power for several years now, but the way in which he was able to ‘sort me out’ physically, mentally and emotionally in one session really rocked my socks, and I say ‘thank you’ every day.”

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