Maria & Jessica

Maria is a Portuguese lady who, for a year before she saw Douglas, had been suffering from a particularly nasty complaint. After each meal, or even light snack, she would vomit and bring the food up again. It was very unpleasant and very debilitating. Maria had tried a number of remedies and doctors could not find either a cause or a cure. After one session with Douglas, the problem was resolved. Since that time, Maria reports that although she has felt a slight wave of nausea on occasions, she has not suffered in the same way and has not been sick after a meal since.


When Maria saw Douglas, she also brought along her young daughter Jessica, aged seven, who almost since birth had experienced serious problems with allergies and intolerances. From the age of four, she had operations to try and help with her respiratory systems. Each day the youngster had to spend several hours on a nebuliser unit.

After just one session with Douglas, Jessica no longer needed the nebuliser and she is now free to enjoy life like any other child.

“It really is amazing” said Maria. “Both my daughter and I have been given a new lease of life – I never thought that just one session of healing could work.”

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