Paul Buick

Paul Buick


Running a radio station is a stressful job anywhere in the world. In a place like the Algarve, working in both Portuguese and English language programming and advertising, with a mixed resident and tourist population, it is even more complicated. No wonder then, that Paul Buick, when he was the owner of leading radio station Kiss FM, was “a bit stressed out” when he first went to see Douglas.

Paul had no previous personal experience of healing but was persuaded by Douglas’s Algarve coordinator to give it a try. When he arrived for the first session he was his normal stressed self.

“Radio DJ finds otherworldly stress relief”

At the end of the session, he was “floating” as he put it – and became an instant convert to the cause. “It was amazing,” he said, “I just lay on the couch and Douglas put his hands on my shoulders. Nothing dramatic happened, but I felt totally relaxed and peaceful, as if everything had been calmed down and sorted out. Great!”

Paul is now a regular client. “It keeps me sane,” says Paul.

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