Sally Young

Sally Young


Shortly after suffering a head injury due to skiing, Sally attended a presentation in London given by Douglas Ballard. She had suffered symptoms of concussion and some which were probably related, including pains in the head, reduced concentration and extreme discomfort with nausea and dizziness when looking at a computer screen. She also had difficulties with memory, prioritising and multitasking, extended time to complete a task, reduced clarity of thought, extreme fatigue and a need to sleep frequently.

“I am now enjoying a very significant general improvement in my symptoms of concussion and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Some symptoms improved after only two or three weeks; head pains disappeared, for example and have not returned apart from occasional twinges.

Following the first energy healing treatment I experienced a sudden improvement in clarity of thinking and I have noticed specific improvements in my health particularly in concentration, memory, multi-tasking, my ability to look at a computer screen and some aspects of clarity of thinking. All the symptoms have improved apparently to different extents and at different rates, some more appreciably than others.

“It is fantastic that I have been able to achieve significantly more tasks than was possible a year ago”

I have experienced significantly improved health generally, accompanied by a feeling of calm and wellness. It is fantastic that I have been able to achieve significantly more tasks than was possible a year ago. Healing treatments also appear to have reduced the effects of stress which I had experienced from other causes before the injury and they have become easier to deal with and are less intrusive.

As well as energy healing, Douglas has also given me very valuable help and advice and has discussed solutions to a range of difficulties, all of which have been extremely helpful.

He is always calm, serene and has a very pleasant, approachable manner and is easy to talk to. He has always been kind and listens carefully to what is said and he offers help and advice where it is needed. It is like talking to a very good friend. I am very grateful indeed to him.”

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